July 21, 2014

Top 3 Bronzers

I wanted to take the time today to list my top 3 bronzers (in no particular order) which I mainly use to contour my face with and sometimes use as eyeshadow. All these bronzers are fairly different from one another but these work best for my needs and fair complexion.

CoverGirl Trublend Bronzer in Golden Sunrise
($8.29 for 0.63oz)
A little of this loose powder bronzer (on a brush) goes a long way (this has lasted me forever), it's build-able and great if you want to do some seriously dark contouring as well.

NARS Bronzing Powder in Laguna
($38 for 0.25oz)
This bronzer goes on looking less intense than it seems and it looks the most natural since it blends out well (maybe a little too well at times) and ultimately gives a subtle natural contoured bronze look (great for subtle nose contouring). You can also get this as a duo with the ever-so popular 'Orgasm' blush.

Flower in Gloriously Golden
($9.98 for 0.28oz)
For a bronzer that lasts all day long this is the one to get (love!) as it's build-able with a smidge of blendability (apply with a light hand). This also comes paired with a sweet baby pink blush.

July 14, 2014

Car-spiration Nails

Before I got the car I have now I really wanted to buy a camaro... but MOM (nuff said). Upon looking at newer models I seriously fell in love with this limited edition magenta colored camaro with the black rim package (I wish it had the circle headlights though *dream*).

Moving on... I showed the car to one of my friends and she was like... "OMG I totally just painted my nails that color". So I immediately ran out to CVS to find a similar polish color as well and I ended up purchasing my first Nuance polish in the color Tiger Lily. As luck would have it I had also recently purchased Sally Hansen's french tip nail decals and thought it'd be a perfect time to try 'em out.

As for a review of both nail products... I'm really loving this Tiger Lily color by Nuance. The polish applied nicely (applied in 2 coats) with its small flat brush and I haven't experienced any crazy chipping, etc. I did find a nearly similar and cheaper dupe for it which was Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Posh Plum although it is a bit more on the purple side than Tiger Lily.
Left to Right: Posh Plum, and Tiger Lily
As for the Sally Hansen french tip nail decals, I like these so much better than the full nail decal sets (as those feel like band-aids) although the kit does come with a nude set of the full decals (I really can't imagine wearing both at the same time though, ugh). I did apply a clear top coat (OutTheDoor fast dry topcoat) once I had the decals stuck in place which worked out nicely and will probably help with the longevity of the decals.

July 07, 2014

Peachy Polish Dupes

I went into Target the other day and as usual found myself in the beauty isle looking for Essie in Tart Deco (after seeing how pretty it looked online). Then I thought to myself "how unique is this color.. I mean really?" and "jeez, this is $8.59 a bottle.. I wonder if there's a cheaper dupe around here?". In no time at all I came across 3 possible dupe contenders which all cost less than the Essie polish.
From left to right: NYC in Hampton Peach, Sinful Colors in Hazard, Sally Hansen in Peach of Cake, and Essie in Tart Deco.
NYC and Essie were the most similar polish shades to one another except NYC's was a smidge brighter. Sinful's was the darkest of the lot and was more of a pumpkin peach shade in comparison. Sally's was the lightest and more of a pale peach orange shade. I ended up getting NYC as it was such a similar shade of polish to Essie's and it was also the cheapest polish of the lot at $1.72 (that's practically 5 bottles of NYC polish for the cost of 1 bottle of Essie polish). Honestly the NYC polish applied very similar to Essie's, and my nails were fully painted in 2-3 coats. For the low NYC price I ended up buying some more polish and got NYC's matte topcoat.
From left to right: NYC in Hampton Peach, and NYX in Matte Me Crazy.
As a side note... these peach shades don't photograph well on the iPhone5 as this polish has a bit more pink to it than the above photo shows (it's much prettier in person).

July 01, 2014

10 Favorited Makeup Items for Under $5 and $10

Under $10
1) Revlon ColorStay Makeup $9.98
This comes in two different formulas for either combination/oily skin or dry/normal skin, and is one of the best in terms of coverage that I've came across for the price.
2) EcoTools brushes $9.98
These brushes are soft, natural, nice for blending, and are honestly some of the best brushes I've ever tried.
3) Flower Blush-Bronzer Duo $9.98
This pressed powder is one of the longest lasting powders I have found, fairly build-able in terms of color, and a total must for those that don't want to fade throughout the day.
4) Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Shadow $9.63
This may be an eyeshadow or blush but I personally love using the lighter shades as a glowing highlighter along the cheekbones.
5) Rimmel Glam Eyes Liner $5.67
This has been my favorite of all liquid eyeliners and even though it is a brush tip I find it easy to use once the right amount of product is on the brush.

Under $5
6) NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil $4.49
These make for a nice base on top of primed eyes and then finished with an eyeshadow, and if there's one color you get I'd choose "Milk" as it will make bright colored eyeshadows pop with vibrancy.
7) NYC Big Bold Curl Mascara $4.47
This is my favorite mascara for under $5 and it has replaced my pricier LashBlast mascara as I find it holds lashes better and doesn't irritate my eyes.
8) Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder $3.97
This is one of the best pressed powders I have came across as it seems to be the longest lasting and definitely provides a matte finish (maybe even too much at times).
9) Wet N Wild MegaLast Lipstick $2.29
These are really pigmented and typically have a matte finish, so if that sounds up your alley than I'm sure you'll want to collect several of these lippies.
10) Wet N Wild Color Icon EyeShadow Single $0.99
These shadows are soft and pigmented, you'll definitely get some bang for your buck with these eyeshadows ("Brulee" is one of my faves).